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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Show file path of processes in the task manager(Windows Vista, 7)

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            The task manager is thronged by numerous processes and a few do not even appear to be genuine. Unfortunately, it is not possible to locate the program fi les on the hard disk.
             In Windows Vista, you can now find out additional details in the display menu of the task manager, which now shows respective paths of the active programs. To customize it, open the task manager with the [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Del] key combination. As an alternative, you can even enter the ‘taskmgr’ command in Start menu. Activate the ‘Processes’ tab and start ‘View | Select columns’. The commands available in the view menu depend on the selected tab. In this dialog box, activate the ‘Image path name’ and/or ‘prompt’ and confirm it with ‘OK’. The change takes effect immediately. Additional elements are available in the context menu of individual processes, which facilitates the analysis of processes. For instance, right-click on a process and select the ‘Open file path’ context command. This will open the memory location of the program file in Windows Explorer. Using ‘Properties’, you can open the dialog box with the same name. In the ‘Security’ tab, you can now check authorizations for the program files.


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