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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Attach websites to jump lists independent of the browser(Windows 7)

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             Jump lists of all browsers show frequently and recently accessed pages. They also allow you to pin specifi c sites there for quick access.
             Windows indicates which elements in the list are permanently pinned. All browsers allow shortcuts to websites to be permanently pinned. To do this, open the jump list by right clicking on the browser’s icon in the taskbar. Then right click on the entry and select the context command ‘Pin to this list’. Alternatively, click on the faint pop-pin icon on the right of the item as you hover over it.
              This conveniently also works with drag and drop. If you want to attach a newly opened site, click in the address bar of your browser and drag the site’s favicon onto the browser’s icon in the taskbar. You can even pin sites to different browsers, including any that are not your system default. If you drag a favicon from Firefox onto the Internet Explorer icon, the concerned website is attached right there. Unfortunately, links from Opera cannot be dragged in this way. Dragging and dropping URLs from anywhere onto a free space in the taskbar will automatically pin them to the default browser.


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