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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Obtain additional information for installed applications(Windows 7)

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                You want to check when you installed an application and exactly which version. Moreover you are also interested in other information like its memory location, product ID or a support link.
               Open ‘Start | Control Panel’. Click on ‘Programs’ and fi nally on ‘Programs and Features’. If you use the classic view of the Control Panel, you will reach the same window directly through ‘Programs and Features’.
                Windows 7 describes all the installed programs and applications you've added over time. The operating system presents the information in columns including ‘Name’, ‘Publisher’, ‘Installed on’, ‘Size’ and ‘Version’ by default. You can add other columns and thus additional information. Click with the right mouse button on any of the column titles and select the context command ‘Others’. Windows presents all the available columns in the dialogue ‘Select details’. Activate the desired choices by ticking the respective terms. To suppress a column, remove it. You will also fi nd columns for ‘product ID’ and ‘support link’ amongst others. The term ‘location’ refers to the installation folder of the application.
HINT: If Windows does not show information for a particular program, then the setup has not deposited it during the installation.


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