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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Translate documents directly from Word(Word 2003, 2007, 2010)

             You want to translate a complete German document into English without investing too much of time. You know a few online services but they are just too tedious.
             With Office, you can easily send a document to an online translation service and request machine translation. Here, you need to keep in mind that the quality of a machine translation is usually not up to the mark. It can however definitely be a good starting point for your work. Before using any online translation service, you first need to enter its Internet address to the Word Processor.
              For this, activate the research options in the task field. In the new versions, click “Research” in the “Review" tab in the ribbon. In Word 2003, go to “Tools → Research”. Then select “Research options” at the end of the task field. Then in the dialog box with the same name, click “Add Services”. Now enter the Internet address of the online translation service under “Address”, e.g. for the Microsoft Translate, Click “Add” and a set-up for the service starts. Word is now ready for the work.
               Select the text you need to translate and click on “Research” and select the entry “Translation” under “Search for”. In “Translation”, select the source language under “From” and the target language under “To”. Here in addition to the common language such as English, German and French, you can also select other languages such as Italian, Greek, Russian and Thai. In order to translate the entire document, you can use a small white arrow with a green base near “Translate entire document” or “Send document online for translation in unencrypted format”. Confirm with “Send” in the next dialog box so that the Word Processor transfers your data via Internet. The result is displayed to you in the browser. If you have several translation services installed, you can click “Translation Options” and then specify which service the Word Processor should use for which translation.


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