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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Increase the duration of desktop notifications as well as change their position(Outlook 2007, 2010)

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              In Outlook, you get a desktop notifi cation for any new email received. Normally this is displayed in the lower right corner of the screen. If you want you can change that as well as the duration for which it is displayed.
              Open the menu command ‘Tools | Options’ in Outlook 2007. Under the ‘Preferences Tab’ in ‘E-mail’ click on ‘E-mail Options’ then select ‘Advanced E-mail Options’. Here select ‘Desktop Alert Settings’ and drag the tracker to increase duration. Click on ‘Preview’ you will see the notification appear on the left hand corner, now if you wish to change its position you can simply drag and place it in the new location. Click OK to confirm the changes.
               In the current version 2010 activate the option ‘File’ in the multi-function bar. Select ‘Options’ under that select ‘Mail’. On the right hand side you will find several options, select ‘Message Arrival’ and then click ‘Desktop Alert Settings’. Increase the duration with the help of the tracker and as in 2007 version click on Preview and then drag the box to fix its position. Click OK to confi rm the changes.


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