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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Clean up specific items in the taskbar jumplists(Windows 7)

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               Program jumplists show recently opened files. You want to delete these either individually or all together, or even disable the function so that other PC users cannot view your last opened documents that easily.
               You can completely empty the jumplist and deactivate it or remove individual entries from the list. EDIT
INDIVIDUAL ELEMENTS: Right click the relevant program in the taskbar to display its jumplist. Then right click again on an entry from the jumplist. You can remove it with the context command ‘Remove from list’. On the other hand, you can include it in the jumplist permanently. For that, simply click the faded pin needle. DELETE JUMPLIST COMPLETELY: If you want to remove the jumplist entirely, right click a free space on the taskbar and select the context command ‘Properties’. Then switch to the tab ‘Start menu’ and deactivate the ‘Store and display recently opened programs in the Start menu’ and ‘in the taskbar’ options in the ‘Pravacy’ area. Confi rm the change with ‘OK’. With that, you will have completely removed all jumplist functionality in the taskbar and deactivated them.


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