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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Import text element automatically in header or footer(Word XP, 2003, 2007, 2010)

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             The text processing should automatically import a text element or an invoice number from a form into the header or footer of a document.
             TIP This function restores a link with a format template that you insert in the running text only for the desired text element. For example, you use a sample document for an invoice or a monthly list and save the changed contents as a new file. In that, it is recommended to arrange the text elements in a table so that you do not mistakenly delete the format allocation later.
               First select the table cell with the desired text element. Then open the command “Format | Format styles and formatting”. From Word 2007, click the small icon to the right near the “Format templates” on the “Start” tab in the multi-function bar. There, click the button or the icon “New format template”. Now only change the name in the “Name” field or in “LinkFooter” and confi rm the new format template without further changes with “OK”.
                As the next step, position the cursor on the desired position in the header or footer and open “Insert | Field”. From Word 2007 onwards, switch to the “Add” tab, click the “Quick links” icon and then “Field”. To the left in the list fi eld “Field names”, select the entry “StyleRef” so that you can select the new format template to the right near it. After clicking “OK”, the desired text will appear automatically, twice at the current cursor position.
NOTE: If the text in the relevant table cell changes, you will immediately see that even in the header or footer. If you change the format template at several positions in the document, only the fi rst text element will always appear in the reference word.


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