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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Assess the condition and service life of SSD drives(Windows XP, Vista, 7)

              You use an SSD as a super-fast drive. You want to check the status in order to be able to act on time before there are any problems.
              The free tool SSDLife determines the current parameters of an installed SSD drive and forecasts its service life on the basis of your personal typical usage. The tool is available free from where a premium version is also available for a cost but has additional features.
               Under Downloads, look for the link for the ‘free version’. The scope of functionality of this free version is usually sufficient. You need the paid version only if you want to check the status regularly and on time and want to request additional information or use several SSDs simultaneously.
               In order to install, double click the downloaded file to open it and follow the instructions. Administrator rights are required for executing the program due to which the user account control query must be answered with Yes. In a while after this, the tool identifies your SSD and shows a lot of information about it. In addition to the model and the size, you also see information about how long the disk has been in use and how many times it has been booted. Together with the transfer data in GB, you also get a prognosis of the remaining service life calculated on the basis of this information. The additional SMART parameters are not immediately available in the free version, but can be easily requested. Click the ‘S.M.A.R.T.’ button for this and then click ‘No’ in the following dialog box. The data is prepared as a HTML page and displayed in the default browser.
Note: The values for the data throughput and the expected service life are not yet available for a completely new drive and are displayed only after it has been in use for a while. In case of repeated installations, the expected remaining service life decreases with every subsequent installation, but this gets normalized after a while since the program is based on an average rate of writing processes.


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