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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Activate the option to overtype(Word 2007, 2010)

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                 Earlier you could change the writing mode to Overtype by simply activating the option in the status bar at the bottom. However, 2007 onwards there are no such options available in the status bar.
                 The newer versions of Word do not have the Overtyping option by default in the status bar nor can it be activated by clicking Insert key. Overtyping is most practical when you have to rewrite chunks of text when working. You can activate the Overtype option by right clicking on the status bar and then activating the Overtyping option. You can deactivate the option by right clicking on the status bar and unchecking the Overtype option. Alternatively, if you often need to use the Overtype option then you can alter the setting to use the Insert key to activate overtyping. To do this click the Office button, then go to ‘Word options’ and then select ‘Advanced’. Under the Editing Options on the right you will see numerous options, from there check the box ‘Use the Insert Key to control the overtype mode’. And if you want to the overtyping option to be always active then you can select the option ‘Use overtype mode’. Confi rm the changes with ‘OK’ for the setting to be effective.


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