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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Change the language of the user interface quickly and easily(Windows Vista, 7)

             You have read that there are additional language packs available for the Business and Ultimate versions for adapting the user interface. You would like to know whether they will work for you and how.
             If for instance you have a visitor from France, you can quickly switch to French Windows. With the free utility Vistalizator, this is possible on all versions if you install the language pack which you have received as free download from Microsoft.
              You can find Vistalizator at its website Start the tool without any installation. Click ‘Help’ in order to search for language packs. In the following dialog, first select the type of language pack depending on whether you are using Vista or Windows 7 and whether you are using the 32-bit or 64-bit version. You must usually use MUI packets (Multilingual User Interface) since LIP packets (Language Interface Pack) usually require an English version of Windows as the base for Vista. Click the suitable category. Then search for the required language in the list and follow the link for direct download from Microsoft.
              Save the approx 200 MB pack on the hard disk. Now click ‘Add languages’, navigate to the downloaded EXE file and ‘Open’ it. Confirm the message about the express mode with ‘OK’. However, do not change the setting to ‘Internal’ since this installation is possible on a system only once. Click ‘Install language’ and wait for the process to finish. Then confirm the change to the language that you just installed with ‘Yes’. Close all the other open applications first. Then click ‘Exit’ in the Vistalizator and confirm the security tip to start the system with the new language settings.


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