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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Set up quick and easy direct start for important tasks(Kaspersky Internet Security)

               In addition to the automatic protection from threats, you also want to conduct regular checks like system errors. For that, you will need to rummage through the entire menu.
               In Kaspersky Internet Security, you can create new links to directly start regularly used tasks. For this, right click the program icon in the info field of the taskbar and then select the context command “Settings”. Now click the “Scan” tab and then select “General Settings”. Here in the “Scan Tasks Quick Run” section you will find options to create shortcuts for specific tasks. You can use them to create a separate link for the “Full Scan”, the “Quick Scan” or “Vulnerability Scan”. After a click on it, you can change the target location “Desktop” to another one that is less visible and create the link by clicking “Save”. In the other available categories such as “Full Scan”, you also have the option of setting up an automatic, time-controlled execution of the relevant tasks, namely the “Start Mode” option.


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