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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Link websites to branch listings in the task bar specifically.(Browser)

             Branch listings of browsers show frequently used elements as well as the last used elements. You can use a trick to specifically anchor certain websites in order to request them quickly.
             The elements shown by Windows in the lists depend on the browser used. What is common for all the surf programs is that the elements can be permanently linked. For this, open the branch listing by right clicking the relevant icon in the task bar. Then right click the desired element and select the context command ‘Attach to this list’.
             You can also click the displayed pin icon to the right of the entry.
             This can also be easily done via Drag and Drop. If you want to link an open website, then click in the address bar of the browser and drag the preceding favicon and drag it into the task bar with the left mouse button on the browser icon pressed. Here, allocation to another browser is also possible. If you drag a favicon from Firefox with the mouse button pressed on the Internet Explorer icon, then the relevant website is immediately linked. Only links from Opera cannot be dragged in this manner. A link that is directly dragged to a free spot in the task bar is automatically linked to the default browser.


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