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Friday, February 24, 2012

Sort messages chronologically in descending manner(Thunderbird)

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            Outlook displays the latest mail received at the top, but that’s not the case with Thunderbird.
            The sorting of the messages is the only parameter of the display, which you can adjust individually. Open the command ‘Tools’ and select the category ‘Options’. Then in the ‘General’ tab under ‘Advanced Configuration’ click on ‘Config Editor’. You will see a warning box, click on ‘I’ll be careful, I promise!’. Then from the list that you see, search for ‘mailnews.default_news_sort_order’. Double click it and then change the value from ‘1’ to ‘2’. Confirm the setting with ‘OK’. However, for the changes to be effective you need to delete the existing index file with the ending MSF (Mail Summary File). First, shutdown Thunderbird and then type ‘.msf’ in the search field of the Windows Explorer, start the search. From the search result delete the ‘Inbox.msf’ file, so when you restart Thuderbird, it will generate then missing index file with the changed sorting sequence while starting the program. Your incoming mail will now be displayed chronologically in descending manner.


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