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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Read stored user name and passwords(Chrome 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

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            The browser stores usernames and passowrds on request, which are the credentials of your important websites. Unfortunately, you yourself have forgotten individual user names or passwords and would like to read the stored versions.
             The free tool Chrome Pass makes all the right credentials stored in the browser visible. You can fi nd the program at the website
             Since it is a tool for reconstructing passwords, you may use it only on your own computer. The ability to download this tool is being blocked by some security applications like Norton Internet Security in order to prevent unauthorized misuse. In such a case, you will need authorization to have the protection program temporarily enable the download.
             Chrome Pass requires no installation, but after unpacking the ZIP archive it is ready to go. The data of the current user profile of Google Chrome will be loaded automatically. Next to that URL, you will also fi nd the fi eld name of the form and the user names and passwords listed individually. With the key combination [Ctrl] + [A] select all messages. Next, simply use the command 'File | Save selected items'. Define a name and location for the new text file to be saved. Clicking on "Save" then backs up the entire list.
NOTE: This tool is generally not for use on a computer to which others have access. The use of Chrome Pass rightly illustrates how easy it is for unauthorized persons to read these passwords. Never leave the plain text file lying around on your PC for others to discover.


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