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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Remove duplicates quickly and easily(Excel 2007, 2010)

             You want to remove duplicate entries from a large table and are looking for a quick and easy solution without any filters or complicated formula.
             Use the mouse and select the cell area from which you want to remove duplicate entries. Then click the ‘Data’ tab and then the ‘Remove duplicate’ button in the multi-function tool bar.
             In the following dialog, you can define the columns of the area to be included in the comparison of individual rows. All cells of the two rows should thus not display the same content due to which the rows become duplicates of each other. In the ‘Columns’ field, remove the checkmark in front of the columns which you want to ignore during the comparison and then click ‘OK’.
NOTE: If you do not include all columns in the comparison (when there are obvious differences between the individual rows), Excel always retains the first (the topmost) row out of the rows that have been identified as duplicate. This is important when the previously excluded cells are required later.


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