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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Solving the issue for ‘unknown device’ in the Device Manager in ASUS motherboards

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              You have assembled a PC with an ASUS motherboard. But the device manager has a yellow exclamatory mark with says ‘Unknown device ATK0110’, and updates just don’t help!
             ‘ATK’ actually stands for ‘AsusTek’ and behind the ‘ATK0110’ device is the manufacturer’s own ACPI utility. It provides special extensions for Asus tools for power and performance management of the motherboard, such as the AI booster which can be used to overclock the complete system. The relevant driver can be found on the installation CD of your board or the latest version can be downloaded from the Asus support sites. The easiest way to access it is via In the search field, enter the type name of your motherboard, e.g. ‘P5Bxxxx’. A page with your board at the uppermost position is then displayed. Now click the field of the relevant download and then click the ‘Utilities’ tab on the next page.The following list contains a download WIth the description ‘ACPI driver for ATK0110 virtual device’. This driver must be downloaded, unzipped and installed from the Device Manager. As a result, not only does the yellow exclamation mark disappear but the driver also provides the ASUS tweaking tools with direct access to the power-saving and overclocking mechanisms of the board.

Solve the automatic update issue when using Kies in Samsung Wave

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             You start the update function of your smart phone Samsung Wave. However during the update, the device crashes due to an ‘Unexpected Error’. Even a restart does not help.
             Nothing seems to work when an update process crashes. The slightly problematic programming of the recovery tool prevents anything from being displayed on the computer as well as the smart phone as a result of which the hassled user gets no messages for seconds or even minutes together – yes of course, even the connection between the two devices seems disrupted although it is very much in place in reality and the restoration process is also very much on. Thus when the yellow triangle displays that the connection is broken, follow the instructions provided by the Samsung management tool (Kies).
              First disconnect the connection cable, remove the battery from the smart phone for a few seconds and re-insert it. Press the keys [Volume], [Camera] and [OK]. An unusual image is now displayed on the phone, namely the ‘Download mode’ note in red font embedded in a blue box. Then reconnect the connection cable and start the Firmware Update normally. Don’t worry if the Samsung tool does not shows the connection. Only the usual progress bar needs to be displayed on the phone that shows the loading status of the new Firmware. If the software is completely loaded, you see the note ‘Firmware update is restored’ and then shortly after that ‘Update has been started’.

Upgrade 3D function in Sony PlayStation PS3

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             If you have a Sony PS3 gaming console, you know that it is more than just a console. Here comes another feature with 3D.
             This tip basically lies in the fi rmware update. You must fi rst update the operating system of your PlayStation 3. Connect your PS3 to an internet connection. To update the PS3’s fi rmware, go to ‘Settings’ in the menu options and then click on ‘Update system’. Now click ‘Update via Internet’. Once done (after the download and installation), the PS3 will automatically restart. Next are the connections to your TV. For that, again go to the ‘Settings’ sub-menu and to the ‘Display settings’. Click ‘Video output settings’ and select the connection type ‘HDMI’. At the settings method, search for ‘Automatic’ and confi rm the next question with ‘Yes’.
              Now you need to specify the TV screen size. Measure your TV screen size (which you should defi nitely know) and adjust the size of your TV in inches in the menu. By default, the size is set to 50 inches which you should change according to your TV size. With the cross pad to the left of the PS3 controller, you can enter the actual display size and then confi rm the selection with the ‘X’. The PlayStation 3 will now show you your settings in an overview. If everything has worked well, both points ‘720p (3D)’ and ‘1080p (3D)’ should appear below. With that, the confi guration of the PS3 for 3D fi lms has been made ready.
NOTE: You should have a 3D TV to watch 3D content via the PS3. 3D TVs have a frequency of 120 Hz. Regular HD LCDs and LED TVs are not 3D unless specifi ed.

Do away with outdated Java consoles installed in the browser in Firefox 2.x, 3.x

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             One look at the list of the installed extensions shows numerous “Java Console” entries. They can only be deactivated via a button but cannot be uninstalled, and they are not at all required. It should be possible to get rid of them for good.
             Unlike most of the extensions, old versions of the Java Console are not automatically uninstalled during update. Moreover, they are not saved in the profi le folder but directly in the program folder of Firefox as global extensions for all users and cannot be uninstalled via the Extensions dialog box.
             The deletion takes place by removing the relevant folder in the system. For this, fi rst close Firefox. Then start Windows Explorer and go to folder “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\extensions”. There are several sub-folders there whose name always starts with “{CAFEEFAC” and which always contain a specifi c version of Java Console. The exact version can be identifi ed from the parts of the folder name. Thus, the name for Version “1.6_0_022” is “{CAFEEFAC- 0016-0000-0022-ABCDEFFEDCBA}”. Delete such folders from the last version. If you are working with an account without admin rights, the user account control of Windows requests that you enter an administrator account along with the relevant password. The next time onwards that you start Firefox, the list of the old Java Consoles is cleared. Applications based on technology are still functional.

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