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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Successfully filter the system tray icons(Windows 7)

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             The system tray of Windows 7 keeps users up-to-date with messages. However, you want to determine which icons and notifi cations should appear there.
              You can adjust the contents. Right click on the taskbar and select the context command ‘Properties’. Therein you activate the tab ‘Taskbar’ and click under ‘Notification area’ on ‘Customize’. The following dialogue presents all possible applications and icons that can inhabit the system tray. For each entry you fi nd a dropdown menu with which you can direct the behavior of the concerned application. The following options are available for the selection:
               ‘Show icon and notifications’ allows the icon into the system tray and includes necessary messages such as simple speech balloons. ‘Hide icon and notifications’ suppresses both. This setting however also prevents the application from informing you about critical events. With ‘Display only notifications’ you can hide the icon of the application from the system tray, but continue to receive messages. Confirm your changes with ‘OK’ and close the dialogue box.
NOTE: With Windows Vista you can make a similar change, but you cannot differentiate thereby between icons and notifications. You can thus only specify whether Windows hides or displays an icon.


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