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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Set direct access for your favourite pages(Google Chrome, Firefox)

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               For ease of use, you create browser bookmarks for the pages that you access regularly on the Internet. These bookmarks can be further modifi ed to make the process simpler and more organized.
              The bookmark bar is a practical and helping tool for directly jumping to your favorite websites. However, even then, bookmarks cannot be adjusted in it in normal case. With a trick, you can practically accommodate all the websites important for you and these are just a click away for access. Switch on the bookmark bar. Click on the Settings icon and then select ‘Tools’ option. Here, activate the option ‘Always show bookmarks bar’. In Firefox, go to ‘View’ select the ‘Toolbar’ option and activate ‘Bookmark Toolbar’. For managing the bookmarks in a better and more organized manner, you can choose to display only the icon or logo of the website instead of the whole name. To achieve this in Firefox, right-click on the bookmark, then go to ‘Properties’, and delete the name of the website in the name fi eld. Save the changes. In Chrome, right-click on the bookmark, and select ‘Edit’. Here, you can delete the name in the name fi eld, and save to confi rm the changes. The bookmark icons can be rearranged by dragging them to the desired location.


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