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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Display the country of origin of e-mails symbolically(Thunderbird)

             You want to know where the numerous spam and advertisement emails that you receive come from, or you want the check the country of origin of a new e-mail contact.
             With the free Country Lookup add-on, you can find out the country of origin of a message immediately with the help of an allocated flag icon. This enables a quick check of whether a message has actually come from Germany or from your known contact in Austria, France or the USA. If on the other hand the mail of your supposed friend has come from an unknown country, you should be careful and sceptical when viewing the content.
              You can download Country Lookup free of cost from
              First download the XPI file. Then go to ‘Tools → Add-ons’ in Thunderbird and click the ‘Install’ button. Now navigate to the new XPI file and ‘Open’ it. Click ‘Install Now’ to provide the necessary permission. Then ‘Restart Thunderbird’.
              The add-on does not need any additional configuration. In future, you will automatically see the respective country flag in the header of a message and in the preview. If you point the mouse cursor to the flag, the displayed info text will also show the name of the city along with the name of the country in which the last hub point lies in some cases.


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