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Friday, February 24, 2012

Prevent random volume reduction at all times(Windows 7)

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            Windows sometimes reduces the playback volume of various sources considerably. In such a case, you first need to set the normal level manually. You want to know why this happens and want a permanent solution for it.
            In the background, Windows keeps monitoring whether any communication is taking place, for example via Skype. Therefore, just as you would reduce the sound of your radio during a telephone conversation, Windows decides on its own to do the same for you. As a result, if it detects such a process or believes that it has detected one, it changes the volume of the other sounds automatically. These sounds continue to be low even later. This sometimes happens even without any active communication.
             If you stop the music yourself or if you are not using Skype, then you save yourself from this automatic process. Go to Control Panel | Hardware and Sounds and click ‘Change System Sounds’ under ‘Sounds’ in the following dialog. Then switch to the ‘Communication’ tab, change the option to ‘Do not do anything’ and confirm the changes with ‘Apply’ before closing the dialog with ‘OK’.


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