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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Trace weak points in your system(Kaspersky Internet Security)

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               Kaspersky Internet Security software not only provides automatic protection from viruses and hackers, but additionally also allows you to scan for vulnerabilities.
               Apart from inadequate virus protection and missing updates even unsuitable settings in the system can expose it to unnecessary risks to some extent. The tool, which is integrated in Kaspersky Internet Security, for Vulnerability Scan helps you to fi nd and search such harmful settings.
               To run the Vulnerability Scan open the main window of the Kaspersky software and go to ‘Tools’ tab. Here you will see the ‘Vulnerability Scan’ button, click start to begin. It will show results for ‘System Vulnerabilities’ as well as ‘Vulnerable Applications’. You can fi x the ‘System Vulnerabilities’ by clicking on the ‘Fix it’ button. While for the ‘Vulnerable Applications’ you can check the details and if the application is safe then you can create an exclusion rule by clicking ‘Add to Exclusions’.


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