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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Avoid warnings when accessing a network drive(Windows Vista, 7)

              If you right click on a ZIP folder in a linked network drive, you get a warning message from Windows or Internet Explorer.
              Windows has not identified your local network correctly and considers it to be an Internet access to a potentially harmful file in which case the warning is justified. The relevant adaptation of common Intranet settings will solve this problem.
               Go to the control panel and click ‘Network and Internet Connections’ and then ‘Internet Options’. Go to the ‘Security’ tab. In the area for selecting a zone, click the ‘Local intranet’ icon and then click ‘Sites’ below it. There, first activate the ‘Automatically detect intranet network’ option. Then click ‘Advanced’. Here, define the other computer from your local network as a member of the intranet zone. Since websites have to be entered here, use the format ‘file://Computer name’.
NOTE: If you do not know the correct computer name, then click ‘System and Security’ on the other computer in the control panel or ‘System and Maintenance’ under Vista and then on ‘System’. The searched computer name is displayed in the dialog below.
              Confirm the entered name by clicking ‘Add’ on the first computer. Then close the open dialogs. You have thus included the second computer in the ‘Intranet’ zone without changing the relevant security settings.
NOTE: If you need to allocate more computers or the process does not work, then you can enable all local pages and network paths in general. For this, once again go to ‘Local Intranet’ in the ‘Internet Options’ and click ‘Sites’. Disable the option ‘Automatically detect intranet network’ and activate the following three options instead. Confirm the settings with ‘OK’. In case of this option, note that all network paths will be classified as reliable, which could prove to be a security risk.


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