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Friday, February 24, 2012

Manage bibliography to exclude plagiarism(Word 2007, 2010)

               You are writing a dissertation and need Word to manage the bibliography.
               From version 2007 onwards, the text editing function has integrated management for citation and a bibliography. You can fi nd these commands in the multi-function tool bar on the ‘Reference’ tab under ‘Citations and Bibliography’. When inserting the first literature reference in your work, click ‘Insert citation’ and then ‘Add new source’. Gather all the relevant data to this source in the following dialogue ‘Create source’. The most important information is the classification of the source type, for example, ‘book’ or ‘film’.
               The text editing offers various types for selection. Based on the selected source type, you see the input fields adapted to it for further information. In case of a book, you can note ‘author’, ‘title’, ‘year’, ‘place’ and ‘publisher’. In case of a film, ‘title’, ‘director’ and ‘year’ would be applicable. As soon as you confirm your input with ‘OK’, the text editing marks your citation with the relevant reference. Right-click the reference and select ‘Edit Citation’ to add the relevant page number. If you want to re-quote a predefined source, then you can simply select it from ‘Insert Citation’ menu. You can add the bibliography via ‘Bibliography | Insert Bibliography’.
               You can define the general display of references and bibliography in the multi-function tool bar via ‘Style’. It is recommended that you try out the various templates. There is an entire range, right from a purely numeric reference to a specification that includes author, title and year of publication. Please note that your selection of the format will also have an effect on the input fields provided in the ‘Create Source’ dialog.
               The number of references managed by Word thus increases during the course of your work. Here, the text editing differentiates between a master list with all the managed sources and a list of sources used in the current document. Under ‘Insert quote’, Word exclusively presents the references used in the current document and includes only these sources in the bibliography. The text editing also adds new sources to the master list. Use ‘Manage sources’ to upgrade the list for the current document from the master list. The following dialog presents both the lists whereby you can include an entry from the master list into a list using ‘Copy’.


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