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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Import the auto text data from the older version of Word.(Word 2007, 2010)

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               When working in Word over time you will have created many autotext options that simplify your job. And when you upgrade to the newer version you would want to retain them.
               From Word 2007 onwards the concept of autotext has changed in the form of versatile building blocks. You can import your data from the older version of Word to building blocks in the newer version instead of normal.dotx to avoid duplications and errors.
                First search for the file ‘’ from the backup of your old installation and copy this on the present hard disk. You will find the same in the default location in ‘C:\Documents and settings\ [user name]\application date\Microsoft\ Templates’. Open the old ‘’ in the new Word. Confirm the macro access with a click on ‘activate content’. Then click on ‘Insert’ in the main menu. Then click on ‘quick parts’ in the ‘text’ area and select the command ‘Building Block Organizer’.
                The ‘Templates’ column will help you identify the auto text data from the old ‘’. Now here you can click on each element to determine whether you need it or it can be deleted. If you need it then click on the button ‘Edit Properties’ and change its setting to ‘Building Blocks.dotx’ and save the same. Repeat the procedure for all the auto texts elements that you have transferred in the new version.


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