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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Remove document residue from Office easily and thoroughly(Windows XP, Vista, 7)

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              If an Office document is not closed properly then a backup fi le remains in the system. You delete this data trash manually once in a while, but want to automate this job.
              While opening a document, Word and its counterparts generate temporary files for their work, for backup copies and for the contents of the clipboard. Properly closing programs and documents deletes these temporary files automatically. However after a computer crash the temporary files are hidden in the backup folder of the document. You need to delete these once in a while, as the data residuals occupy unnecessary space and tend to accumulate over time. Typical files of temporary copies begin with ‘~$’ followed by the normal fi le name. Numbered files with ‘~WRL’ at the beginning of the name are saved copies of the contents of the clipboard.
             The simplest way is to delete these files with the command ‘del’ (delete) from the command line. Thus to have the correct instructions on hand, generate a small batch file using a text editor like Notepad. Enter following command lines:
Cd /d D:\myworkfolder 
Cdl /s /ah ~*.*
             Change the path in the first line so that it refers to the folder where you usually save your Office documents. The option ‘/d’ is necessary so that even the drive can be changed. The command options for ‘del’ take care, that Windows includes all sub-folders (‘s’) and restricts the choice of files with the attribute “hidden” (‘ah’). The characters ‘~*.*’ tell the command to select all file names beginning with the tilde. Save the file with a recognizable name, such as ‘officeclean.bat’ and take care that the BAT extension is correct.
ATTENTION: Never forget the tilde, or all files matching the “hidden” criteria will be deleted by mistake. Before executing the batch file ensure that all the programs are closed, as the temporary files deleted by it are necessary during operation. Start the batch file by a double click. You can also store a shortcut on the desktop for frequent operation.


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