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Friday, February 24, 2012

View two pages simultaneously in the browser(Google Chrome, Firefox)

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             Sometimes you require two pages simultaneously to compare things or to write contents of one page to another. The continuous change requires annoying clicks.
             A simultaneous display of several websites is possible through arranged windows, but finally you will have to revert to the normal window size. The complementary plug-in Chrome Dual view offers a smart alternative. You can fi nd the download under It does not function as a plug-in in usual sense, but the function is realised with the help of Java script directly in the browser window. It works once you save the link as a bookmark and it will function similarly in other browsers like Firefox or in the Internet Explorer. To use, simply open the bookmark, feed the URL of the website you want to open on the left hand side in the first dialogue box and then in the next box feed the URL of the second website. The script will load both the websites near each other, in a way that the screen is vertically split.


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