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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Keep up to date bookmarks on multiple systems and browsers(Lastpass Xmarks)

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            Those who use more than one machine know the problem: Constantly searching for bookmarks that you have previously saved on the other PCs. If more than one browser is in use, integrated sync functions do not help at all.
            Cross-platform synchronization can be aided by the free extension Lastpass Xmarks Sync. It is available for the major browsers for both PCs and Macs. Xmarks stores bookmarks and favorites on the web, so that you access Information from any computer.
INSTALL TOOL : Download Xmarks Sync for Firefox from—just click on the icon of the currently used browser. In Firefox and Chrome the installation starts automatically. If you use Internet Explorer, save the MSI set-up fi le and run it by double clicking. After the installation starts in Firefox and Internet Explorer a wizard pops up to support you in setting up a Xmarks account with user name and password, and the fi rst synchronization of your bookmarks will begin. In Chrome you have to click next to the address fi eld on the new icon of the addon.
SYNC BOOKMARKS: To balance bookmarks start in Internet Explorer the wizard of bookmarks with "Tools |Xmarks for IE "shoot, and the synchronization with Synchronize now. "In Firefox, the command is similar: "Tools | Xmarks |" Synchronize Now. If you use Chrome, please click the icon next to the address box and select "Synchronize now". If Xmarks on its central server under your account already fi nds bookmarks from another computer, it off ers three options to override the local with the server data, looking for the bookmarks on the server with the local bookmarks, or to merge the two data sets. The trouble is that when merging Xmarks unfortunately does not perform duplicate check. So if you mix several similar data sets, a chaotic collection is created with a lot of doublers. The best is to regularly put on your main computer copies of a collection.
               You can override this data on the server when needed. Bookmarks can be stored in the Internet, go online and use. To do this open and click on "LOG IN".
               Then enter a user name and password, click again on "LOG IN" and then on "My Bookmarks" NOTE: Following the acquisition of Xmarks by Lastpass, there is also still a premium product with backup function, tab sync and smartphone synchronization. More importantly, however, that the basic functionality, as otherwise announced late last year, is still available for free.


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