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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Read documents in EPUB, CHM, DOC and DJVU formats(Amazon Kindle)

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                You find the limitations of the Kindle with regard to fi le formats annoying. You want to change that, but without taking any kind of risk.
                Duokan is a firmware extension that can be installed and uninstalled on Kindle without aff ecting the existing configuration of the device. Thanks to this extension, Kindle can now work with EPUB, CHM, DOC and DJVU formats as well. Duokan is available for Kindle 2, 3 and DX. The fi rmware has been developed by a Chinese company. You can visit their website at Since this site is completely in Chinese, you can download the latest version using the link This version has an English user interface which makes it extremely easy. Duokan is not only an EPUB reader but it also makes it possible to change the font size and to hide the white borders of PDFs. You can install it on your Kindle as follows:

  • Download Duokan from the Internet.  
  • Connect your Kindle to your computer via USB.  
  • Open the Duokan RAR archive and copy the folders “DK_System”, “DK-Documents” and “DK_Pictures” to the root directory of your Kindle.  
  • Also copy all .BIN fi les from the folder (k3 stands for Kindle 3) into the Kindle root directory.  
  • Remove the USB cable.  
  • Ensure that your Kindle is fully charged.  
  • Now press the “Home” button and then “Menu”. Select “Settings” and then press “Menu” once again. Now select “Update Your Kindle”.  
  • After a restart, quickly press [Q] to load Duokan. If you press [W], the original firmware is used. If you have not been quick enough, go to “Settings” via “Home” and “Menu” and press “Menu” again. Select “Restart” and now try to press [Q] more quickly than before.  
  • After Duokan has been started, press “Menu” again and then [J] to confi gure the settings. Now go to the third page and select [D] to select the language. Select [C] for English.  
  • In the settings, you can then add the E-Books from your original installation to Duokan. For this, go to “Home”, press “Menu” and select “Settings”. Then go to the third page, select "Other” and change the fl ag for the entry “Support old system” to “Yes”. You can also pack the E-books in the folder “DK_Documents” to use it exclusively under Duokan.                

                In order to do away with the borders of PDFs, open the PDF, press “Aa” and select “Screen Zoom A”. In order to change the font size, press “Aa” when the PDF is open and select “Smart Layer”. If you then press “Aa” again, you can change the font size. However the result of this adaptation is not satisfactory. Similarly, the WLAN connection is also not satisfying. For instance, WPA2 was not supported so far. If Duokan crashes, you can reset it by keeping the power button pressed for 15 seconds.
                 To uninstall Duokan, just delete the “DK_System”, “DK_Documents” and “DK-Pictures” from the root directory.


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