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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Preserve the durability of your ink cartridges even in case of infrequent use.(Inkjet printer)

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             You barely use your printer. However, every time you do need to use it, you face a problem with the ink cartridge of the printer; it has dried up. You end up buying new cartridges before time although the old ones are still relatively full.
             Simple measures effectively prevent the untimely drying up of the cartridges. The fi rst step is to check the position. If your printer is located in an extremely warm spot, consider changing the location. Warm, dry air from the heater for instance, considerably accelerates the drying process. An exaggerated tendency to economize is equally dangerous.
             All those who use their PC workstation disconnected from the mains possibly prevent the printer head from going into the standby position. But here, the printing nozzles are sealed against drafts and dry up to a great extent. It is good if you if you print a so-called nozzle test pattern, at the latest, a month after the last print. This theoretically uses every single nozzle and uses considerably lesser ink than a cleaning process, where the nozzles are thoroughly perfused. You will fi nd a nozzle test in the print driver menu under the key words ‘Maintenance’ or ‘Printer services’.


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