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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pentax K10D adapting for external flash(Digital camera)

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             Your Pentax K10D is more than three years old. For an upcoming celebration, you buy an external fl ash card. Unfortunately, it does not work.
             In the early K10Ds from Pentax, the built-in fl ash support does not allow the use of external fl ash cards. The manufacturer corrected this problem with fi rmware version 1.1 in 2007. Pentax now off ers fi rmware version 1.31 that naturally contains the changes of the previous updates. Download the new fi rmware and unzip it on your PC.
              Insert an SD storage card in your card reader and format it for the update procedure. The card must be of minimum 32 MB capacity. Copy the fi rmware data ‘fwdc162b.bin’ directly in the root directory of the card. Insert the SD card in the camera and switch it on. Keep the menu button pressed and follow the instructions on the camera display, till the message ‘Complete’ is seen.


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