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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Download new firmware updates for SSDs(SSDs)

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            You want to be ahead of all and have purchased an SSD. After initial exceptional performance, you feel that performance has declined strongly.
            The latest generation of SSD controllers handles, in theory, six gigabytes of data per second. This is necessary as, in the mean time, the fl ash runs fast but is thwarted by the slow 3 Gbit SATA controller.
            But new models diversity of the problems ranges from an incorrect or insufficient Trim function to booting issues. An April firmware update was supposed to solve these problems, but judging by forum reactions, more serious breakdowns were brought on. Finally, a new fi rmware update is available that rectifies all errors.
ATTENTION: With a firmware update, all the data on the SSD is deleted. You must create a backup beforehand. OCZ has also recently published a SSD firmware update. The Vertex Limited Edition could become unusable without warning without this update. The manufacturer urgently recommends updating to the latest firmware.
CAUTION: In contrast to several other SSD updates, this one is only suitable for the OZC Vertex Limited Edition. SSDs from other manufacturers, which use the same SandForceController, do not gain anything from this update. For e.g. the Corsair Force (with identical SandForce Controller) is not affected by the problems of the OCZ SSD. Power-saving mechanisms at the root of the problems with the OCZs are switched off in the Corsair SSD.


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