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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Displaying photos edited on a PC on a camera(Panasonic Lumix)

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            You can take pictures from the camera and see them on the PC. The reverse is not true with your Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1: if you fi ll the memory card with photos from the PC and insert them in the camera, it does not display these pictures.
            Like all other cameras, Lumix DMC-G1 also expects a specifi c fi le structure on the data carrier. This can be compared to the hard disk of your computer: if you move the System32 folder from the Windows directory to another location in the folder structure, Windows will stop working. The operating system is designed for this fi xed folder structure.
            For the Panasonic camera to find the image fi les, it needs the ‘107_PANA’ sub folder, which is in the ‘DCIM’ folder. Along with ‘DCIM’, the folders ‘MISC’ and ‘PRIVATE’ must also be present at the lowest folder level. It is important that all names be written in the upper case.


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