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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Showing presentations as flash films on your own website(PowerPoint XP, 2003, 2007)

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              PowerPoint is considered as a synonym for demonstrative presentations – at least in the combination ‘Laptop + LCD projector + Conference room’. The lectures are not suitable for integrating into a website.
              PowerPoint files are too big in most case to integrate into a website; moreover, they also cannot be played directly on the site. Therefore, you should convert your lecture into a fl ash film. The iSpring add-on is suitable for that for instance. You need to close PowerPoint for installing the add-on. From the next start onwards, the tool is available in PowerPoint 2007 via the menu line or ribbon bar. The presentation can be converted in just few steps. You only need to specify the length of every slide and whether a slide show should run automatically. The rest is taken care of by the add-on and it creates a SWF flash file using the information, which can be directly integrated into your website. The new version also allows you to integrate YouTube videos in the lecture.


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