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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Restricting excessive data transmission to Google(Google Chrome)

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             Google’s browser is particularly fast, but also rather communicative.
             Google not only records search queries in its browser, but also other information such as URLs and DNS requests. You can decide on your own which of these functions you actually want to activate. You can thus prevent Google from creating your exact user profile.
              For that, click the tool icon right above in the browser and open the ‘Options’ menu. You will fi nd details for certain Google services, which you can deactivate in ‘Under the Hood’ tab. The ‘Show suggestions for navigation errors’ service shows similar websites for instance, if the desired site cannot be accessed. The next option ‘Use a suggestion service to help complete searches and URLs typed in the address bar’ relates to the suggestion service of Google on entering the web addresses and search terms. If you use the ‘DNS prefetch for improving the page loading performance’, the browser sends all the links on one website to a DNS server to begin with so that the process of calling links in future will be faster.
              The ‘Activate phishing and malware protection’ service is useful, but if you are using other systems to protect from malware and phishing sites, you can do without Chrome's additional protection, and deactivate this option. The transmission of usage statistics and failure reports is deactivated by default. Click ‘Close’ to confi rm the new settings .


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