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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Integrating an FTP server in Windows Explorer directly as a drive(Windows XP, Vista, 7)

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             Numerous users use a special tool such as FileZilla for exchanging data with a remote FTP server. However, for this, one needs to first start it and then log in, which is a repetitive process.
             It would have been so much easier if the FTP server could be directly activated from the Windows Explorer just like a network drive. This is exactly what the freeware NetDrive manages to do. The link-up in form of a drive has an advantage that you can access it directly from the applications and thereby immediately work on the FTP server.
              Start the tool after the installation is complete. A few servers of well-known companies and universities are already set-up as sample access. For creating another FTP access, on the left hand side, click on the desired item in the folder structure and subsequently click on ‘New Site’. Enter a name and on the right hand side, complete all necessary parameters such as ‘URL’, ‘Server Type’, and the access data. Similarly, repeat these steps for other servers. Using the ‘Export’ command, you can save the complete server list in an INI file. This in combination with the ‘Import’ function makes it easy to set-up the tool on other computers.
            To integrate the FTP server as a drive, highlight an entry in the list and under ‘Drive’, select a free alphabet for the drive. In case you use this entry on a regular basis, automate the integration procedure with ‘Automatic login when NetDrive starts’. A simple click on ‘Connect’ creates the link-up within seconds and opens the Windows Explorer. You can now connect NetDrive, and it then remains active in the system tray. Now, in the main window of the program, click on ‘Options’. Here, you can specify whether the tool must be automatically activated with the Windows boot-up. if you do not wish the same, simply deactivate the ‘Automatically run NetDrive when I log on to Windows’ option and confirm the change with ‘OK’.


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