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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Converting handwriting in your own TrueType font(YourFonts)

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          In addition to the fonts available in Windows, you want to use your own handwriting as a font.
          There are different ways to integrate your own handwriting into your system. The chief task is to make a font out of it. This is where the online service helps you. The price for your own font is about $10. Before you buy the font, you can test it online.
           Go to and click ‘Print Template’. On the next page, follow the link ‘Template as PDF document A4’ and take a printout. Write all alphabets separately in the specified fi elds. Be careful when it comes to lateral benchmarks, which show the alphabet height, the intermediate line, the base line as well as the line for descenders one after the other. The alphabets should be straight and in the centre of the field. They should also be aligned to the lines and should be written with the same stroke width on the page. At the bottom right in ‘Signature’, you can give your signature, which can later be inserted in a document later by pressing a key. We recommend not doing this and advise you to use a self-scanned graphics fi le instead.
           Scan the page in color or grayscale. Ensure that the position is correct and the resolution is 300 dpi. All crosshatch lines must be covered fully and be clearly visible. They must not be overwritten. Save the graphic as a JPG or TIF file.
             Now click ‘Upload template’ on the website. Navigate to the scanned file and select it. After the upload, the website generates the font within a minute and gives you a preview. In the input field, you can type any text and view it in this font. If the result does not correspond to your idea, repeat the process till you are satisfied. Click ‘Download’ and ‘Buy now’. You can pay via PayPal, or credit card.
              Install the downloaded font fi le in the system. In Vista and Windows 7, type ‘font’ in the search field of the start menu and open the ‘Font types’ entry in the result area. Press [Alt] and open ‘Install New Font type’. In the dialog, navigate to the storage location of your own font and select it. Ensure that the ‘Copy the font types in folder ‘Fonts’’ option is checked and click ‘Install’. You can now use your own font in all applications.
NOTE: You can also use this method to create a font with special symbols or special characters. But you cannot create a font with photos or color graphics. They look like vectorized font characters in black and white.


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