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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Using the full four GB RAM under Windows Vista 32-bit(Working memory under 32-bit)

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             Memory is currently reasonable. Despite that, you are annoyed that 1,000 MB of your working memory remains unused under Vista.
             When you use a 32-Bit Vista on a computer, in which a 64-Bit-enabled CPU is running, you could – if available – use the entire four GB memory. If you are not sure whether you have a 32-Bit Vista, find out, by right-clicking on “My Computer” and then by clicking on “Properties” – you can then see the used memory as well as the Windows Version. Now you only have to confirm whether your CPU is 64-Bit-enabled. In order to be safe, ask the Tool CPU-Z. Shortly after the start, there is a window, in which the CPU-properties are listed. If here, under “Instructions”, the entry EM64T (Intel- CPU) or x86-64 (AMD-CPU) is found, then your CPU can be compatible with 64 Bit. Start the command prompt in the administrator-mode (context menu). In the command line mode, switch to the “Windows/system32” directory.
             Now type “BCDedit/set PAE forceenable” and confi rm with “Enter”. This is how you can activate the PAE (Physical Address Extension). If there are problems after restarting, you can undo everything with “BCDedit/set PAE forcedisable”.
            The DEP (Data Execution Prevention) should prevent any malicious code from being executed. Unfortunately it also prevents the desired operations from being executed, causing them to be switched off normally. With the DEP however, the PAE is also deactivated. You can permanently switch off the DEP using the command line (command prompt in administrator mode) “BCDedit /setnx AlwaysOff ”. When in the next line, you type “BCDedit /set PAE force enable”, you can restart the address extension. After restarting the system, the full capacity should be available.


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