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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Use lens with motor on DSLR housing with motor(Digital camera)

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            You are extremely satisfied with your camera, minus the problem that it takes a lot of time to take a sharp picture. You are thinking of buying a new lens but are not sure whether this will lead to an increase in the AF performance. The motor is in the housing.
            Some cameras such as the Nikon D90 have an integrated drive for focus control of the lens. It allows the use of economical lens systems. The cameras still allows the fl anging of a lens that has a separate motor installed. Nikon too has such lenses in the delivery program such as the AF-S DX Zoom Nikon 55-200 mm.          
            Depending on the requirement, it is practical to use this. A motor located in the lens is faster than its counterpart in the housing since the mechanical coupling to the body is not required, which in turn reduces the tedious friction losses.
            The drives cannot result in problems or damage. The camera detects an optic with AF motor automatically and switches the internal drive off . It also does not consume more power.


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