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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Click better portrait photos with easy tricks(Digital photography)

By Thursday, January 26, 2012
               Modern digital cameras provide lots of automatic mechanisms that are supposed to make close-ups easier. But they by no means guarantee highquality photos.

              A good portrait photo is much more than just selecting the right program and pressing the button. If this was the case, many professional photographers would be out of work. But even the not-so-professional ones can make their photos much better with the help of a few tips and tricks. It is often the minor details which turn heads.
SUBJECT: There is no standard focal length for portraits. You just need to know what eff ect the focal length has on the lens. Usually, sharpness with less focal length increases if the aperture remains constant. The background is also no longer as unsharp. A 50 mm lens is suitable for complete natural photography. It ensures non-distorted proportions as far as the human eye can tell. A moderate wide angle of 28 to 35 mm allows the environment to be integrated into the image as an artistic element. But be careful; If you are close to the subject, there are small unfl attering drum-like distortions. A greater focal length enables a greater distance to the lens, which makes photographing the subject easier. In case of slightly closed aperture, the person stands out from the unsharp background. Moreover, tele-focal lengths have a consolidating eff ect. They allow the distance to the background to be visually shrinking.
RIGHT CLOTHING: An unusual photo tip, but important. The clothing must be suitable to the situation and the person. Basic rule - no black, no white, and no loud colors. Black causes loss of any structure, white provides excessive light, stripes and checks fl icker (cloudy effect), and in case of loud colors, there are slight color tears since the color sensor cannot process the tonal values. Do not hide the background. This works best with a wide open aperture (less aperture) and a small tele-focal length of 80 to 120 mm. Make sure that you focus on the eyes – that is the fi rst thing that one usually notices.
GOOD QUALITY SCENES: Most people have a chocolate side. Some want to show it, others not as much. For this, work with light and shadows as well as with the position and the cutout. In case of this option, you can also change the point of photography. Why not photograph a person from an angle above? Relaxed body language is also important. Upper arms pressed against the body do not give this eff ect. You also look fatter than you actually are.
LINE OF VISION: Make use of an important psychological eff ect. If you make the subject look from the right to the left, i.e. in the direction opposite to our usual reading direction, it looks like he or she is looking into the past. And the other way gives the eff ect that he or she is looking in the future. This is important for our picture.
BREAK THE RULES: The most fi nal important note - break rules and you will have expressive and unusual snaps. But you must also know what eff ect this has on your photos.


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