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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Make caricatures out of your own photos(Photoshop CS 2, 3, 4)

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            The year is over and the birthday is just around the corner. You want to have your own party. The invitation that you have created on the PC should be equally enticing.
            In addition to settings for tonal value corrections, poor horizons and depths/light dialogs, you can also use Photoshop to have fun and alienate pictures. An image with a right background is ideal for a start since it gives you a lot of freedom.
EDIT HEADS: Open the image and create the level ‘Body’. In the 100% view, select the head using the magnetic lasso. In the option bar, adjust the ‘Soft edge’ with a width of ‘1 px’. Use [Ctrl]+[X] to cut the head from the image and use [Ctrl]+[V] to paste it at a new level which is automatically created by the program. Use ‘Image | Transform | Free transformation’ to increase it to 200% and move and turn it into the position. Now activate ‘Filter | Distortion fi lter | Fuse’ and the ‘Blow up’ tool. The values for ‘Tool tip’ and ‘Tool pressure’ depend on the resolution, e.g. ‘30’ and ‘50’ would be right. They stand out with just a few clicks of the eyes. FORMING WIDE SHOULDERS: Just like the head, now select the upper body in the ‘Body’ level. Cut and paste it back into the image using ‘Edit | Paste’. Photoshop creates a new level, which you rename as ‘Shirt’ in the level pallet. Now go to ‘Image | Transform | Distort’. Move the shirt to the suitable height, click one after the other at the upper corner of the selection, and pull it away from each other and upwards. Due to the distortion, the upper body looks blown up with superhero shoulders. You should also do a little trial and error with the settings till you have attained the desired result.
MAKE THE LEGS SHORTER: The photo becomes funny when you shorten the legs in the V form downwards. Use the distortion fi lter for this.


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