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Thursday, January 26, 2012

High-end graphics card reduces useable system memory(RAM under 32 Bit)

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           It’s common to see less free memory space when you’ve recently installed a hefty graphics card in your Windows XP machine. What can you do to free up some of it?
           In the case of certain types of hardware confi gurations, 32-bit operating systems are forced to reserve memory addresses less than 232 bytes for memories other than RAM, so that applications can write directly onto them. This RAM area is then no longer accessible to the system. While graphics cards are the largest address occupants, even network adapters, audio hardware and mass memory controllers require individual memory addresses. While a 32-bit operating system ideally has access to 4 GB RAM, a fully equipped machine with SLI graphics can even fall below the 3 GB mark, despite actually having 4 GB in the memory base.
            To get the most out of the memory base, you'll have to deactivate all unused onboard components in the BIOS. Also, if you install a 64-bit operating system, then you’ll have access to the entire 4 GB chunk of RAM. Though hardware components block memory addresses here as well, this doesn’t matter much, because of the considerably large address spaces.


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