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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Accelerate the startup of a bundled DVD software(Windows XP)

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             Most DVD-writers bundled with them disc-burning software, but Windows XP also has a built-in tool to write on optical media. This however slows down the startup of third-party discburning applications.
             To accelerate the startup of the bundled application, you need to disable the default feature in Windows. Go to 'Start | Settings | Control Panel'. Here, double-click ‘Administrative tools’ and select ‘Services’. The existing services are listed in alphabetical order. Now, look for the entry ‘IMAPI-CD burn COM services’. Double-click to open this entry and in the following dialog box, under ‘Start type’, change the setting to ‘Disabled’. Click on ‘Accept’ and then ‘Ok’ to apply the changes. After rebooting, the bundled software will have sped up.


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