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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Make your old printer work with Windows 7(HP printer)

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             Many Windows XP fans preferred their operating systems even after the release of Vista. But now, Windows 7 seems to attract a majority of users. However, after you migrate to Windows 7, some devices, such as your printer, might not function due to incompatibility of drivers.
             Windows 7 has built-in drivers for many devices and printers aren’t an exception. Despite the fact that few printer drivers are included in Windows 7, Windows update should resolve most driver-related issues. Connect the printer to your computer and ensure that it is switched on. If Windows detects the printer and confi gures the hardware without the driver, then activate Windows update.
            Alternatively, users can resort to the official HP website for the drivers corresponding to their respective printers. The website shows a list of printers, where you can choose the relevant driver and download them directly. Visit the Support and Drivers page at welcome. Here, under ‘Select a product category’, click ‘Printing and Multifunction’. Choose from the type of printer and model number and download the drivers compatible with your operating system - Windows 7.


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