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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Capturing flying insects sharply with less exposure(Macro photography)

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           Getting sharp photos of flflying insects is a challenge, because the auto-focus of most of the cameras reacts too slowly for the agile flflyers. What do you do?
           For impressive photos of flying insects, first select a suitable place to keep the camera. The best would be spots where the dragon flies fly past every now and then hunting for food. For that, one must observe the insect while it hovers. Once you have the right position, manually adjust the focus. Now switch the camera back to auto focus and wait till the insect is in focus again. The auto focus must now adjust only a few millimeters on pressing the trigger, which goes much faster than what it has to when completely set to auto. When you keep the trigger pressed half way, you can move with the dragon fly and change the picture composition a bit.


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