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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Checking automatic formatting of tables just got better(Word XP, 2003, 2007)

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            Text processing automatically formats tables when pasting and editing. Well meant, but the result is often not what the user desires.
            Automatic formatting is definitely useful for creating simple tables. However the same cannot be said when it comes to complex dimensions and indents to the right. In order to disable this function, right-click on the relevant place in the table and select the context command ‘Table Properties’. Click on ‘Options’ in the ‘Table’ tab. Uncheck the checkbox ‘Allow automatic changes in size’ and confirm all the open dialogs with ‘Ok’.
           The function for automatic adjustment of the entire width, on the other hand, is practical and can also be run manually. For this, right-click on the relevant table and select the command ‘AutoFit | AutoFit to Windows’ in the content menu. The table thus gets automatically formatted as per the total width of the text mirror. This value is retained even if the individual column widths are subsequently changed. NOTE: Unexpected text formatting within the table is mostly caused by format templates. In such cases, it is better for you to select the entire table and then click on the combination fi eld of the format templates in the ‘Format’ toolbar. Then open the ‘Clear formatting’ command in it and then re-insert the table.


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