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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Avoiding a password prompt after resuming from the powersaving mode(Windows 7)

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               It can be irritating to be prompted for a password each time your system resumes from the power-saving mode. How do I disable this function?
               To access this control, you’ll have to dig into the Power Options of the system. Go to 'Control Panel | System and Security | Power Options'. Here, see which power scheme is selected on your machine and click ‘Change plan settings’. Then click ‘Change advanced power settings’. In the following window, the option for negating the ‘Require a password on wakeup’ option could be unavailable. In that case, click ‘Change settings that are currently unavailable’. This should activate the option. Now, select ‘No’ and click ‘Ok’. Affi rm by clicking ‘Ok’ on all the windows and exit.


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