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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Avoid large distances between separate paragraphs(Outlook 2010)

              The recipients always receive the e-mails written by you with large distances between separate paragraphs
              The problem arises while drafting a message in the HTML format and is connected with the coding of Outlook. If you want to insert a line break while writing a message in HTML format and use [Enter] for it, the communication software does not use the tag of HTML which represents a normal line break. Outlook interprets [Enter] as paragraph change and hence uses the subsequent tag for HTML paragraphs. That results in a larger distance between separate paragraphs. Then if you want to insert one more empty line, two
tags follow consecutively and the distance between both the paragraphs goes on increasing. Hence, avoid the [Enter] key while writing a message and use the key combination [Shift]+[Enter] instead which indeed creates a line break.
Note: You can follow the same procedure for Word. If you use the so called “hard return” in text processing, i.e. [Enter], the cursor jumps to the next paragraph while the [Shift]+[Enter], termed as “soft” return, creates a simple line break within a paragraph.


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