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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Superimpose Outlook data directly on the desktop(Windows Vista, 7)

               You use Windows’ desktop gadgets to always have important information like time or climate in view. Now, you also want to view the latest information from your Outlook mailbox.
              The free gadget Outlook Info gives you the most important information from Outlook in a very compact manner directly on your desktop. You thus stay informed without having to switch to the program; the installation file is available from Open the file by double clicking it. Confirm the opening of ‘Outlook.gadget’ via ‘Windows-Miniapplications’.
              Now start Outlook. The gadget should display the information shortly. To adjust its settings, hover the mouse pointer over it and click the superimposed setting icon. Even the number of displayed items for every field can be changed there. Besides, you can adjust the structure and the Outlook folders used. As the gadget requires a working copy of Outlook, you can let it start automatically via the option ‘Outlook startup’ using the ‘Start Outlook program’ option. For flawless operation, Outlook from version 2007 onwards is required. Version 2003 functions with a few restrictions. Clicking the icons to the right will take you directly to the relevant field in Outlook.


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