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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Turn the screen contents upright for more effective working(Windows 7)

               At times, the default landscape format of the screen is very impractical. That’s when you wish you could turn the screen and thus the picture by 90° to have a full page of text visible.
               If your monitor has a rotatable stand and if your graphics card supports it, you can easily work in a vertical view. If you tilt the screen, your desktop obviously looks lopsided and mouse control becomes a complicated test of patience and skill. So you will first have to configure the desktop by right clicking a free area and then executing the context command ‘Screen resolution’. In the ‘Orientation’ combination field, select ‘Portrait’. Confirm with ‘Accept’ and ‘Save changes’. The desktop tilts to one side. You can now rotate the monitor by 90 degrees.
Note: If your monitor can rotate only to one side and the screen becomes upside down, use the ‘Portrait (flipped)’ option instead. Otherwise rotate the screen by 270 degrees if the mechanism allows this.


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