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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Move the folder of your profile to another location(Thunderbird)

                You want to move the profile folder of Thunderbird hidden on your system drive to another hard disk so that you can conveniently include it in backup.
                You cannot directly move the available profile. Instead you will have to create a new profile, which then accesses the restored folder. For this, if Thunderbird is open then close it first. Then search the relevant profile folder in Windows Explorer. For this, type “%appdata%” in the address bar and press the enter key. Then navigate your way to the subfolder “Thunderbird\ Profiles\”. The subfolder with a cryptic name is the searched profile folder. Copy it with all the subfolders to a new location. Important: Do not overwrite the available folder even during a data restoration instead create a new profile with a new folder. Type the command “thunderbird.exe -ProfileManager” in the address bar of the explorer and press enter for creating a new profile. Now click “Create profile”. In the dialog following it, enter a name for your new profile and click "Select folder". Now navigate to your desired folder, select it and then click “Complete”. Select the newly created profile in the profile manager and activate the option “Don’t ask at startup”. Finally click “Start Thunderbird”.


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